5 Ways Brands Are Getting Their Best Customers to Engage with Them

Published on September 6, 2022
Author: Emily Sorrentino
5 Ways Brands Are Getting Their Best Customers to Engage with Them

Some dismiss the marketing power of social content because they don’t see the direct value in the back end. While it’s the first touch for most people, it’s what we can do with those opportunities after that initial interaction that drives results, like increased awareness, improved sentiment, and greater ROIs.

Since social media algorithms favor content that users are actually engaging with, it’s crucial for your brand’s growth to prioritize your engagement strategy. According to Instagram’s algorithm, for example, users are more likely to see your posts if they’ve interacted with them, or similar content, in the past. The more engagement your posts get, the more people you’ll reach in the long run, helping you reach your business goals.

We’re here to give you the top 5 ways that brands are successfully engaging their audiences as a guide to revamping your own social strategy.


1. Start Small

Giving a post a like is one of the easiest forms of engagement there is. When scrollers hit “like” on a post, a brand can build a loyal following of people who are at least willing to give the bare minimum to the accounts they follow. Hopefully, that commitment can eventually snowball into putting effort into posts that ask for a “like or comment.” Getting people to like a post means you can then retarget them with a sequenced messaging strategy via ads that are optimized to achieve business goals (traffic, sales, email lead capture, etc.), therefore increasing the value of that “like” from a simple social interaction to an actual conversion.  

You can also encourage this further by creating posts that prompt your followers to make a choice and express that choice by performing a specific action. 

5 Ways Brands Are Getting Their Best Customers to Engage with Them

2. Social Media Is a Two-Way Street 

Your followers don’t want to feel like they’re being served content by a robot. One way to avoid this is to implement a well-structured monitor and response strategy. Simply liking comments or responding to questions and comments induces a sense of community and belonging. Brands like Buffbunny Collection know how true this is, and as a result, have a following of loyal and active customers who love to show their enthusiasm for the company. 

5 Ways Brands Are Getting Their Best Customers to Engage with Them

Not only that, did you know that posts that ask questions on social media get 100% more comments? So, if you want to take this initiative a step further, ask your followers for opinions, stories, and UGC. Spark conversation or even light banter; the more comments, the better! Polls are also a great way to accomplish this, a feature that is available on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Stories.

5 Ways Brands Are Getting Their Best Customers to Engage with Them

3. Get Generous 

One way to motivate a follower to engage is by giving them the opportunity to get something out of it. Running giveaways is a great way to boost engagement and gain new followers simultaneously. You can ask followers to like, share, save, comment, repost, or any combination of post engagements! The post below from our friends at AprilAire got about 7x more comments than some of the account’s best posts. 

5 Ways Brands Are Getting Their Best Customers to Engage with Them

Additionally, 35% of Facebook users will “like” a page so they can participate in contests only available to those who follow it. Coincidentally, 42% of people like a page to receive an immediate coupon or discount. That said, be mindful. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms have rules on how you can run giveaways and what you can ask followers to do in order to win a prize. 

Through running contests or promising a reward for engagement, you can boost likes, comments, and shares on your page. 

4. All Eyes on You 

Fun fact: photo posts get 39% more interaction than copy-only posts. This includes stories, graphic posts, custom creative, and UGC! Since so many platforms are photo-forward now, this isn’t an uncommon practice already. And if you’re a visual brand like our friends at LUMIX, this should be a no-brainer. They rely on color, visual appeal, and phenomenal photography to draw the eyes of consumers and get their messages across. 

5 Ways Brands Are Getting Their Best Customers to Engage with Them

If you want to draw more attention, Instagram Carousels have the highest engagement rate of all post types—but they account for only 19% of Instagram content. Carousels are a great way to boost your presence on Instagram because, according to Director of Social Media at Complex Magazine Aia Adriano, “[it] increases engagement and time spent on the post simply because there’s more to consume.” It’s also common for carousel posts to appear in the feed more than once with a different slide displaying each time. 

5 Ways Brands Are Getting Their Best Customers to Engage with Them

But with the popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, video content is in high demand. In fact, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Videos have the power to increase sales and traffic. You can also retarget engagement with sequenced messaging based on video views that drive customers to convert. Take it from BarkBox, a brand that knows dog videos are the way to a person’s heart. They rack up the likes and comments using relatable and hilarious videos featuring the cutest little pups. 

5 Ways Brands Are Getting Their Best Customers to Engage with Them

So, while you may be putting time and resources into your photo content, you should consider where you can potentially utilize videos and moving graphics to catch more eyes! 

5. Have Fun! 

Not all content has to be informative or have a business-related goal. Any social engagement is going to support your business goal, so don’t discount the value of a like or comment that just brings people to your page!  

For instance, did you know that using emojis increases comments and shares by 33%? Here’s a fun exercise: ask your followers to make a choice using emojis. You can engage them in such a simple way that will elicit a one-click response. 

5 Ways Brands Are Getting Their Best Customers to Engage with Them

Using relatable and comical formats like meme content is also a great way to have fun while promoting your brand. While being careful to ensure your relatable content is relevant to your personal audience, meme content is a great way to get a laugh (and maybe even a laughing emoji!)

5 Ways Brands Are Getting Their Best Customers to Engage with Them

Give It a Boost

You can do whatever you want creatively, but if you’re not promoting your content, you won’t have the reach you want. It’s important to consider creating a paid media strategy to maximize your engagement with your target audiences.  

Evidence shows that the average organic reach of a post on Facebook has hovered at about 2% of a page’s followers for all of 2022, so relying on organic reach to get your message across is a fool’s errand,” AGAIN Interactive VP of Marketing Services Tim McNamara weighs in. “You invest time, money, and resources on creating great content, so making sure that it gets seen is crucial to success. Implementing a paid media strategy for your content allows you to not only reach the fans or followers that you have already worked so hard to acquire but also directly target your most desired new audiences.”  

Let’s Create Together 

To get engagement, you need to catch their eye. Get talking, ask questions, and have fun. When they feel connected to you, they will let you know. 

Are you getting the engagement you want? All it takes is careful planning and commitment, which is our forte. Want help implementing some of these engagement strategies into your social feed? Drop us a line at info@againinteractive.com. 

Emily Sorrentino

Emily Sorrentino is part of the creative team at AGAIN Interactive. She is an enthusiastic writer who is excited about all the opportunities that the world of marketing has to offer. She is also a black belt in karate and enjoys spending time reading, biking, and playing music!

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