How We Roll

The main thing you should know about us? We like what we do. It’s fun. In fact, it’s part of the reason why our clients like to meet
so much. We aim to be the best part of
their day.

Meet the Team

Countless cups of coffee. Strolls through Morristown. Beats, brainstorms, and breakout sessions. A super cool office phone booth—for superheroes only. A taco trophy. Friday Lunches. Winners of one Ad Age Top 5 Best Places to Work award. Lots of LOLs.

Glenn Whiting

CEO and President

Tim McNamara

VP, Marketing Services

alison hinz

Senior Account Director

Annie DiFazio

Account Director

Grace Witte

Creative Director

jeff kemp

Production Director

Elizabeth Perna

Account Intern

Melissa Garcia

Finance and Administration Manager

Anthony Galasso

Creative Strategist

patrick barcinas

Senior Art Director

emily sorrentino

Junior Copywriter

samantha sekora

Senior Copywriter

noelle pagliei


Jessica Leuze

Art Director

Tara Byrne

Junior Account Manager

Gerardo Rodriguez


Amanda Mariconda

Junior Account Manager

Caitlyn Huguenel