Breathe the Fullness of Life

Filling homes with Healthy Air is Aprilaire’s mission, but improving peoples’ quality of life is their calling. The pandemic magnified the need for an all-in-one Healthy Air solution. Combining Aprilaire’s award-winning products into a single bundle would help national sales partners share the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of Healthy Air for their customers.

Selling Healthy Air During a Global Pandemic…without Pandering

Launching an all-in-one Healthy Air solution during a pandemic known to cause respiratory distress proved to be a very delicate operation. We wanted to make the invisible visible, shining a light on the notion that Aprilaire cares about its customers, positioning the brand as coming from a place of concern without neglecting its expertise.

Healthy Air Is on the Way

After learning about this offering and the opportunities it afforded, we tested a messaging strategy that would resonate throughout various B2B and B2C channels, reaching sales partners and end-consumers alike.

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B2B Email

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Filling Homes with Healthy Air