How to Determine Your Brand’s Target Audience

Published on April 18, 2022
Author: Samantha Sekora

Are you marketing to the right audience in your organic and paid social efforts? Even well-established brands struggle to find their voice among different audiences, often getting lost between demographics due to unclear targeting and an outdated TOV (tone of voice).

To find where your brand fits within the social sphere, there are a few things you’ll need to finalize before you can start effectively marketing to your best audience.

☑️ Identify Top Consumers

Through market research or even social platform analytics, brands can discover their MVC (most valuable consumer) by documenting their likes and dislikes and demographic-specific trends in your industry. You could touch upon multiple top consumers across different generations depending on your brand. For example, a university with an online degree program not only sees recent high school graduates as their audience—they see the parents, the upskillers, and the career shifters. In contrast, a beauty brand might only narrow its audience to women of a specific age range. 

Are your top consumers and desired consumers the same set of individuals? While there may be some overlap, continue considering your top consumers to best optimize your marketing strategy and reach audiences that already have your brand on their radar. Exploring new, desired consumers is a great way to further your brand’s reach but don’t forget about the loyal audience you’ve already built!

☑️ Create Brand Personas

Once you’ve narrowed in on who currently makes up your audience—along with whom you hope to reach with this new strategy—it’s best to create personas that embody your group of consumers.

Creating a persona is like building a character for a novel. It involves giving your consumer(s) a name, age, occupation, backstory, and more, showcasing how well they play into your brand story, values, and products.

☑️ Find Your Voice

Now that you’ve found your audience, it’s time to find your voice! Is your brand witty? Approachable? Proactive? Conventional? Scientific? Creative? Do you engage using emojis or seek out like-minded individuals to chat with via monitoring? 

Once you have your overall tone established, consider how it can be nuanced for your personas to ensure you are making meaningful connections and building relationships across audiences.


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