Our Culture Through the Eyes of AGAIN’s Newest Employees

Published on January 17, 2023
Author: Caitlyn Huguenel
Our Culture Through the Eyes of AGAIN’s Newest Employees

Marketing agencies are an ever-growing, ever-changing form of business that need to be adaptable to the world around them. From tracking changes in social media trends, monitoring clients’ social channels, and more, there’s a lot that goes into making an agency successful. A large part of that success is the workplace culture: how the team works together and the company’s commitment to its employees. AGAIN Interactive is no exception.  

Over the course of the last year, AGAIN has brought on several new team members, myself included. I spent several months job hunting before AGAIN came across my radar, and I was immediately intrigued. After I started doing a little digging into the company, I learned about how AGAIN was named one of AdAge’s Best Agencies to Work in 2019 and how, even in a post-pandemic world, their commitment to company culture and employees was as strong as ever.  

Who wouldn’t want to work here? 

Our Culture Through the Eyes of AGAIN’s Newest Employees

Now that we’ve all had several months to settle into our new roles here and have seen firsthand how AGAIN’s culture and commitment to its employees have helped it thrive as an agency. From offering a collaborative workplace to helping employees maintain a strong work-life balance all while keeping things fun—AGAIN strives to create a unique working experience. And that all starts with hiring team members with diverse backgrounds and experience levels.

Our Culture Through the Eyes of AGAIN’s Newest Employees

To become part of the AGAIN team means you’ve been chosen, not only because you have the experience needed to do the job well, but because you fit in with this small team and all its personalities.

There’s this energy that comes from the team that I personally had never experienced before. Everyone genuinely enjoys themselves and is excited about the work they are doing together. There are a lot of passionate personalities on the team, and everyone gets to be themselves and can inject their own styles into their work. 

Our Culture Through the Eyes of AGAIN’s Newest Employees

Another part of what makes the culture at AGAIN so great is the true collaboration that happens on a day-to-day basis. From account to creative, everyone’s opinion matters and we’re all working towards the goal of creating content for our clients that they love and that we all feel good about.

Not only that, but the work environment at AGAIN is fun. Internal meetings can be filled with jokes and laughter, and there’s always some kind of discussion happening in the office, whether we’re talking about our favorite TV shows or trying to figure out what to order for lunch.

At the end of the day, you’re getting to work with people who genuinely want to see you succeed in your role and are there to help you accomplish your goals.

Our Culture Through the Eyes of AGAIN’s Newest Employees

As with any deadline-driven industry, “burnout” can become too real. To combat this, AGAIN has found a way to help their employees maintain their work-life balance and the answer may shock some people—4-day work weeks. While it sounds good just as a principle, AGAIN had to figure out the best way to accomplish this and still make sure our clients still receive the same caliber service we’ve always offered.

Our Culture Through the Eyes of AGAIN’s Newest Employees

Everyone on the AGAIN team is working towards a common goal—create digital marketing strategies for our clients that achieve and surpass their business goals. But what about our goals as individuals? AGAIN makes it possible for us to take courses, complete certifications, and build our knowledge. We’re encouraged to learn new skills and better ourselves because AGAIN wants us to succeed and meet our own personal goals as well as those of the company. 

So, what does this all boil down to? AGAIN Interactive is a small but mighty agency that supports a one-of-a-kind workplace environment and lets its team members stretch their creative muscles while creating digital marketing strategies that our clients love. We’re encouraged to be ourselves, strive to improve, and have a great time while doing it.

Let’s Create Together

Interested in working with the AGAIN team? Drop us a line at info@againinteractive.com. We’re eager to help you succeed.

Caitlyn Huguenel

A member of the talented AGAIN creative team—has been an avid writer her entire life. When she's not creating killer content, Caitlyn can often be found with a book and coffee in hand or perusing her local plant nursery for the perfect indoor houseplant.

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