Digital Opportunities in Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising

Published on April 9, 2024
Author: Alison Hinz

What do billboards, bus shelters, street furniture, and airports have in common? They’re meccas for out-of-home (OOH) advertising! 

OOH advertising is just as it sounds—advertising that happens outside of a consumer’s home. While not entirely new, this centuries-old form of marketing took notice of recent innovations in digital advertising and in turn, began to reinvent itself. 

Let’s clear the air: OOH ads aren’t meant to replace digital advertising, per se. In fact, studies show that OOH ads improve digital interaction and engagement, with 48% of consumers more likely to interact with a digital ad after exposure to an OOH feature. Furthermore, brands who marry their digital OOH advertising with web or mobile campaigns can increase audience reach by more than 303%! 

With OOH, there are no adblockers stifling reach—no chance for users to swipe away or change channels. Significant in size, low-cost, and disruptive, OOH ads remain truly unavoidable to on-the-go consumers. So, it’s no surprise that OOH tends to be more memorable and impactful than ads made for mobile or OTT 

But it does make us wonder: How does OOH continue to fare so well in today’s largely digitized world? The secret to success involves going digital itself. 

Two Unique Advancements in OOH Advertising 

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. And OOH is doing just that with the introduction of digital out-of-home (DOOH) and programmatic digital out-of-home (PDOOH) opportunities. 

1. Digital OOH

DOOH brings traditional OOH advertising into the data-driven, digital-first landscape of the twenty-first century. Capitalizing on more dynamic advertising opportunities, DOOH integrates video, real-time creative updates, UGC, and more digital trends into real-world consumer environments. 

2. Programmatic DOOH 

For brands wanting to make a larger impact, they turn to flexible, lower-cost programmatic digital out-of-home (PDOOH) opportunities!  

Capitalizing on contextual relevance, like weather conditions and dayparting, PDOOH ads let marketers instantly optimize, adapt, and improve upon everchanging consumer circumstances by demonstrating their overall relatability and value in real-time. 

Where DOOH & PDOOH Thrive 

It’s all about harnessing the ability to be everywhere, all the time.  

Digital and programmatic OOH advertisers typically look to share messaging in more high-traffic, consumer-relevant areas. For both DOOH and PDOOH, this can be achieved using large-scale, point-of-sale, or place-based mediums. 

Unavoidable and strategically placed within hyper-relevant areas, OOH advertisements rely on capturing the eye of today’s hustling-and-bustling consumers—and it’s paying off.  

Promoting creative concepts that don’t just infiltrate the day-to-day, but work to compliment consumer experiences, is proving successful, so it comes as no surprise that nearly 88% of adults report noticing OOH ads and 80% inspired to act in an effort to learn more. 

OOH Opportunities for Brands: Tapping into Top Trends  

How can today’s brands make the most of the up-and-coming tech savvy advertising opportunities in DOOH and PDOOH? By keeping these considerations, trends, and watchouts in mind. 

Initiate Interactions Through Creativity 

Creative is the single largest driver of brand impact, accounting for nearly 50% of campaign effectiveness. So, brands: Let that creative flag fly high! Generate buzz and leave a lasting impact on consumers with interactive experiences through integrations like AR/VR, QR codes, actionable CTAs, touchscreens, and even AI. 

Spotlight Sustainability  

Advertising for the greater good? OOH is all in. Brands with heavy core values surrounding sustainability are already using OOH to their advantage—and the space is catching on. By creating a more sustainable, eco-friendly way to share out a message, OOH media companies continue to evolve in a show of support. 

Always Be Authentic 

Authentic experiences boost brand affinity—yet OOH advertising is anything but. Through out-of-this-world anamorphic and 3D ads to the peculiar faux OOH trend, brands use inauthentic marketing principles to cultivate conversations which, in turn, drives consumers to question reality and seek out more information. Consumer curiosity and buzz generation are the foundation of creating authentic experiences.  

Fight Forthcoming Fatigue  

As timely topics like sports betting and politics begin turning to the vast opportunities in OOH advertising, growth is inevitable—and yet, so is fatigue. It’s important that brands be adaptable, follow the insights, and stay confident enough to do whatever it takes to grab attention. 

Marry in Mobile 

Remember: Brands who marry their digital OOH advertising with web or mobile campaigns can increase audience reach by more than 303%! With mobile app integration, brands can dare to do more, offering unique engagement and interactive experiences both in the real world and the mobile metaverse.   

Drive Digital Decision-Making 

OOH advertising turns indecisive individuals into confident consumers! Studies have shown that OOH ads featuring directions or distance markers increased foot traffic by 43% in just 30 minutes and even inspired 78% of visitors to seal the deal and make a purchase. 

Learn, Earn, and Grow with OOH Advertising  

In today’s digital world, out-of-home advertising is making its long-awaited comeback, thanks to DOOH and PDOOH opportunities! Is your brand up for the challenge? Drop us a line at and get ready to reach your ultimate on-the-go consumer!  

Alison Hinz

A longstanding member of the AGAIN account team, Alison has used her passion for strategy, learning optimization, and the digital marketing industry to drive client success for over a decade! If she’s not nose-deep in client campaign strategies, you might find Alison at the barre studio, engulfed in a good book, or spending time with her three cuties.

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