TikTok for Business: Ideate, Produce, Optimize, and Go Viral

Published on March 27, 2024
Author: Noelle Pagliei

Blink. That’s how little time your brand has to capture the attention of today’s consumers on TikTok.  

Per the platform’s best practices, the first three to six seconds of a TikTok video are critical to keeping watchers engaged, with 50% of total impact occurring within the first two or so seconds! So, it really only takes the length of one blink to grab a consumer’s attention—and just as long to lose it.   

Triumphant TikToks Take Time 

As our digital world evolves, attention gets harder and harder to grab. To hijack it, brands need to hack it any way they can.  

TikTok remains triumphant, with 73% of users feeling a deeper connection to the brands they interact with on TikTok versus other social platforms. The key to their success? Fast, memorable, impactful content rooted in creativity. Their journey toward ‘hacking it’ starts with a well-crafted strategic game plan where ideation is the line leader, production follows suit, and optimization holds up the rear. 

Ideation: Your Brand’s Pre-Game Plan  

This is where your brand’s story begins, rooted in conceptual brainstorming and insightful research. Consider ways to engage, be authentic, utilize current trends, or even create your own. 


​Stronger recall on
ads with CTA display cards


Better completion rate​
on ads made for TikTok


Longer watch time on ads​
that remix TikTok trends 

To make the most of your ideation process, try prompting your team with key questions like: 

    • Who is our intended target audience?  
    • What resonates with key audiences like Millennials, Gen Zers, or Gen Alpha
    • What personality traits would you assign our brand? 
    • What current trends can our brand incorporate into our strategy? 
    • Are there any new trends our brand can create based on our industry? 
    • What products or services should we tout? 
    • How can we tout our offerings in a fun, attention-grabbing manner
    • What’s our ‘hook?’ 
    • How can we get our ‘hook’ visible within the first three to six seconds of our video?  
    • What’s the payoff of our ‘hook?’ 
    • What CTAs will encourage viewers to learn more about our brand? 
    • How can we prioritize sales and maintain an authentic tone of voice? 

Mastering an ownable content structure that bodes a strong narrative, sells, and captivates takes time, but that hard work certainly pays off. All in all, 78% of users are cool with brands taking new, different approaches when creating content—so, don’t be afraid to experiment. Test your ideas and learn from them to find out what works best. 

Production: Your Plan in Motion 

Time to make your creative vision come to life! Grab your resident filmmaker, get your editor on standby, and start shining a spotlight on your brand and its assets.  


​Stronger consideration on
ads with DIY aesthetic


Greater recall when​
filmed vertically (mobile-first)


More likely to skip​
if ad lacks sound

To ensure you’re creating authentic content during the production process, consider: 

    • What creators or employees can we feature? 
    • How can we showcase our products in action? 
    • Where can we add purposeful transitions? 
    • When can we leverage text overlay to promote key messaging? 
    • How can we dress up our video with stickers or graphics? 
    • Where might we find the best lighting? 
    • Should we follow a script or go rogue?  

The production process is all about trial and error—but editing platforms make it easy for brands to cut the awkward pauses, silence the ‘ums,’ ditch bloopers, and amalgamate a high-performing final product. TikTok users are 1.3 times more likely to watch ads they find entertaining, so if you’re amused, your consumers likely are, too. 

Optimization: Your Strategy to Success 

Don’t let your hard work fall by the wayside. Over time, consumers who see the same ads over and over are less likely to engage, so it’s important to focus on optimizing your content to keep your creative fresh and captivating. 

    • How can we stay nimble with ad updates? 
    • What can we test to avoid fatigue? 
    • Should we consider some A/B testing options? 
    • Is it smart to consider retargeting opportunities? 
    • Are we reaching the right audiences? 
    • How can we apply our learnings moving forward? 

The optimization stage isn’t one to be missed. Often, brands lob their content over the fence without follow-up only to ultimately wonder where their ideas went wrong. In such a fast-paced environment where trends change on a dime and attention spans are a hot commodity, optimization is essential to keeping up with creators and consumers.  

Learn, Earn, Grow, and Triumph on TikTok 

Tools and resources, like TikTok’s Creative Center, are great references for brands looking to elevate their influence on the platform—but the right agency partner will steer you triumphant.  

AGAIN Interactive works with you every step of the way—from ideation to optimization and beyond—to craft storytelling and film-quality content that keeps your top viewers attentive, inspired, and eager to learn more.  

TikTok triumphs await. Drop us a line at info@againinteractive.com. 

Noelle Pagliei

Part of the creative team at AGAIN, Noelle loves to help clients stand out through compelling and eye-catching design. When she’s away from Photoshop, you can find her trying new restaurants, watching a good TV series, or hanging out with friends.

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