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Launching a Brand that’s “Built for Grow”

The cannabis industry is rife with restrictions, especially when it comes to advertising. So, when launching the Anden brand, we highlighted the brand’s unique environmental control solutions for indoor growers in such a way that wouldn’t get held up by miles of red tape. In doing so, we took Anden to market with a compelling new brand identity, marketing approach, and content strategy designed to captivate cultivators throughout the country.

Giving Cannabis Growers an Edge

For indoor growers, environmental control is the backbone of every grow house. With 97% of the water dispensed to cannabis plants ending up in the air, it’s important to maintain consistent environments throughout every stage of the grow cycle. If the air is too humid, growers can lose their yield to mold, pests, and bud rot. If the air is too dry, plants can wither away. This insight inspired Anden’s edgy approach to their brand.

Elevating Anden Above Its Competitors

While consumer cannabis brands tend to take more of a lifestyle approach to their brand image, B2B brands often took a more conservative approach. To launch Anden’s business, we updated their brand identity to be more edgy and authoritative as they entered the cannabis space, helping them establish an immediate presence. We also built a website to house their product offerings, promoting key differentiators through a variety of content including video, longform content, and product spotlights.

Grow Like No Other

To date, Anden is among the top environmental control brands in the cannabis industry, servicing numerous commercial and hobbyist growers throughout the country.

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