Conn’s HomePlus

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Humanizing a Brand

When Conn’s HomePlus began their partnership with AGAIN Interactive, their social media content was highly promotional and transactional, centered around offers and sales. Their biggest challenge was the ability to create more meaningful and emotional connections with their best consumers. To address these issues, we created a content strategy designed to make their brand more approachable across social channels, with the goals of improving sentiment, brand perception and customer loyalty.

Transactional to Transformational

To empower the consumer, while also informing them of what’s possible with Conn’s HomePlus, we recommended repositioning the brand, creating a content mix that can take the brand story from a transactional approach to a transformative approach. This new positioning meant putting less focus on product benefits and financing options, and greater emphasis on how those benefits and options translate into meaningful, life-changing experiences for customers—all made possible by Conn’s HomePlus.

Average Facebook
Engagement Rate

Making It Happen

Flipping brand sentiment starts with flipping the script. Authenticity and relatability can help create a community where customers share life-changing transformation stories as well as tout the benefits of trusted products. This dual and layered storytelling brought to life their unique selling proposition: MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Decrease in Average
Negative Comment
Volume Per Month

*Compared prior five-month period

Products Made Personal

To humanize the product experience, we began to create meaningful stories around Conn’s Homeplus product offerings. Rather than focusing on deals and product features, we went a step further with emotional storytelling elements demonstrating how different products can make a difference at home.

Average twitter
& Instragram
Engagement Rate

Find More Than You Bargained For

Using existing brand assets like the magnifying glass from the Conn’s HomePlus “Low Payment Finder” tool, we continued to tell the brand’s transformation story to spotlight great customer experiences.

The Plus Life

Building on the positive connotations of the “Plus” in Conn’s HomePlus, we created a serialized content category using the plus symbol to spotlight the emotive human benefits products can bring to homes and families.

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