Honest Company

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Changing the Narrative

The Honest Company is a brand based on providing natural, organic products that moms can trust. However, due to supply chain issues, it was discovered that some of their suppliers weren’t using the all-natural ingredients that moms relied on—it was truly an “honest” mistake. The brand fixed the issue and needed to restore faith among its core consumers. Using content from founder Jessica Alba’s pregnancy journey as part of the brand’s “Origin Story” campaign, AGAIN developed a media strategy designed to target key audience segments, reminding them why they chose The Honest Company to begin with.

52.6M Video Views
Viewers became retargeting pools of “engaged users” for the Direct Response team to target for new or returning customer acquisition

Measuring Brand Perception

Throughout this campaign, AGAIN proposed conducting a Brand Lift Study on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in conjunction with their Origin Story campaign in order to evaluate customer perception. This would provide valuable insights for future initiatives as the company continues to tout its core value—to create eco-friendly products that are safe and effective.

12.9% Lift in Brand Favorability on

6.3% Lift in Brand Favorability on Facebook and Instagram

Keeping Ourselves Honest

We ran video content from the Origin Story campaign across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube to drive exposure and views. We drove success through sequenced messaging strategies, creating retargeting pools of users who viewed the videos. We also ran a corresponding traffic-driving campaign using static assets that aligned with the video content users viewed.

After being served content from the Origin Story campaign, users were prompted with poll-style questions that evaluated how they felt about the ads being trafficked as well as their view on the company as a whole.

These questions included:
• Did you enjoy this ad?
• How does this ad make you feel about Honest Company?
• Would you purchase from Honest?

311K Visitors to Honest.com
Visitors became a retargeting pool comprised of even more qualified users from which the Direct Response team was able to target for new or returning customer acquisitiont

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