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OTT and CTV Blazes Opportunities
for Real-Time Brand Awareness

Canadian wildfire smoke blanketed much of the American Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states in June of 2023. Thick, hazy plumes led to air quality concerns for homeowners who didn’t know they needed simple yet effective whole-house Healthy Air solutions from AprilAire.

Whole-House Solutions for In-Home Homeowners

Conversations about the smoke continued on to trend as people remained trapped indoors. Limited to in-home entertainment, we recommended targeted streaming ads on OTT and CTV platforms paired with second screen ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Taking Advantage of Advanced Targeting Options

In particular, we recommended testing streaming ads that allowed us to:

Specifically target regional DMAs on a
tight turnaround timeline—a task
that’s difficult via traditional broadcast

Specifically target homeowners in
DMAs affected by wildfire smoke
who have demonstrated interests in
healthy living and home improvement

Plus, streaming ad make testing possible for all budgets. Therefore, with advanced targeting, quick turnarounds, and low-risk budget requirements, conducting this hypertargeted test was a no-brainer for AprilAire.

From Igniting a Need to Clearing the Air

By highlighting compelling stats atop wildfire footage set to the sound of crackling wildfires, we captivated audiences with a somber, serious tone. As the end card appears, the crackling fades to reveal the soft hum of AprilAire working quietly in the background to provide Healthy Air the entire time.​



Equating to 104%
of Testing Goal


​Cost per streaming
video views versus
social at $0.39


​Lift in direct site
traffic versus YTD
averages during
the campaign flight

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