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Reactivating Unengaged Subscribers

While working with The Honest Company on efforts including increasing brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation, The Honest Company challenged AGAIN to also develop and deploy a strategic approach designed to reactivate an email list segment comprised of people who had been inactive for 120-180 days on any emails sent to them. If this group remained inactive, they would have been moved to a permanently unmailable status. AGAIN developed and launched an approach to “wake up” this group and preserve the investment that was made to acquire these subscribers in the first place.

Grabbing Their Attention

The strategy involved an approach that supported The Honest Company’s goal of driving email opens to reengage this inactive segment, as by getting a user to open an email they were then moved back into the mailable list segment and eligible to receive regular email deployments from The Honest Company. To achieve this, AGAIN developed a graduated incentive program with multiple subject lines tested across a sequence of emails. Email business rules were also set in place to remove users from the triggered email flow as they opened and engaged with the reactivation email campaign.

Deploying the Strategy

Once the reactivation campaign roadmap was complete, it was time to execute. Emails were deployed 5 days apart to this list of users and all emails were deployed with A/B subject line and preview text testing to maximize open rates and campaign performance. While opens were the primary goal here, the in-email creative highlighted top bundles and products to entice users to use their coupons on The Honest Company’s priority and top-selling products.

With the graduated incentive program, the first email focused on promoting a $5 coupon for these users. If a user opened the email, they were moved back into the mailable list – which was a campaign success. The second email was then deployed to anyone who received email 1 but did not open. This group received a $10 coupon to increase the incentive to drive opens. From there, whoever didn’t open email 2 received the final email in the series with a $20 coupon, a top incentive to get these users to open the email.

This incentive program not only enticed this unengaged list to reactivate, but it drove a 3X ROI for The Honest Company, with a number of these subscribers reactivating and placing orders and bundle subscriptions, driving recurring sales for The Honest Company.

Not only did the reactivation email campaign reengage nearly 3K subscriber in a single run, but it also led to increased brand awareness, new orders, over $70K in total revenue, and 345 new bundle subscribers for The Honest Company-all from a pool of subscribers that were going to be retired from the mailable list segment.

2.7K Users

345 New Bundle

1.8K Orders Placed

70K in Total
Revenue Driven

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