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Growing Business Leads at MJBizCon 2021

Anden is among the top providers of commercial-grade environmental controls for indoor cannabis growers who require precise conditions throughout each grow cycle. Drawing on 80 years of industry experience, Anden’s grow-optimized dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and precision controls are the only products on the market designed to pull moisture out of the air at lower temperatures, allowing growers to maximize yields with greater environmental control—the backbone of every successful grow room.

Although attending MJBizCon is exciting and fun, it’s an industry event exclusive to cannabis professionals—not a lifestyle show. People who attend MJBizCon intend to network and learn about new technologies, methods, or services available to help them maximize their yields and, ultimately, their profits.

For Anden, key target audiences include growers, contractors, and investors who want to learn about the brand’s tailored environmental solutions and world-class customer support. Similarly, even though MJBizCon is one of the industry’s premier events, we knew there would likely be a decline in on-site attendance due to COVID and the Delta variant. Therefore, we wanted to be inclusive of the event’s online attendees who could still serve as viable leads for Anden.

Piquing Interest Among In-Person and Online Attendees

Our main goal was to create a sense of buzz around Anden by priming in-person and online parties ahead of the event with booth previews touting the brand’s unique selling point—Anden products are built for grow—positioning them as the #1 choice among likeminded professionals.

In addition to building buzz, this campaign sought to:

Priming the Audience

We wanted qualified leads to be prepared to have legitimate discussions with Anden’s sales teams, which is why we targeted industry experts with an immersive Instant Experience ad on Facebook and Instagram. This ad—ideal for both in person attendees as well as online attendees—previewed the Anden booth while displaying product benefits, noteworthy stats, and success stories from existing partners before asking attendees to schedule an appointment with the team.

Generating Leads

We generated leads by incentivizing industry experts with Anden swag in exchange for their email addresses. Those who signed up would immediately receive a trigger email delivering the booth experience, similar to the above Instant Experience ad, priming MJBizCon attendees with the information they’d need to have productive discussions with the Anden sales team.

Intercepting Search Results

Knowing Anden’s key competitors were featured exhibitors at MJBizCon, we created responsive search text ads intended to intercept competing search results throughout the event. These search ads directed people to educational blog articles and landing pages created to position Anden as the leading expert in the field.

1st Place– NJ Ad Club:
Digital Media Campaign

549K+ – Impressions

2,530 Visitors to
Campaign Destinations

65 Emails Acquired

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