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“Prize Me” Trade show App

Proactiv is no stranger to the world of beauty conferences, considering every beauty routine should include proper skin care! These beauty-loving visitors typically have a “grab-and-go” philosophy, snatching free product without sticking around to learn more. The brand needed a more exciting way to engage fans while giving them the 411 on each product’s unique benefits.

Step Right Up, Win a Prize

Making an eye-catching spectacle is crucial to any conference or trade show appearance. This was only more true for the aesthetically-oriented BeautyCon and Generation Beauty shows, where the spotlight’s on makeup brands beauty bloggers. To ensure Proactiv’s booth would be well-visited, we created and featured a fun, and simple interactive game where visitors had the chance to not only win free product, but to also try to choose the product they could win.

1,868 leads

The Game

To play the game, users had to first provide and validate their contact information, which allowed the brand to follow up with post-show offers and updates. Using a Bluetooth-powered game show button, the user could start the game. Timing when to hit the button just right allowed the user to win the product they truly wanted. After winning a prize, a tip appeared on the screen to provide the user with additional information about that particular product.

Lines of 10+ game contestants from
open to close

4.8MM+ impressions
on social during
the events

Proactiv Had a Winner!

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