10 Pain Points for Modern Marketers and How We Drive Results

Published on January 18, 2024
Author: Anthony Galasso and Caitlyn Huguenel
Pain Points for Modern Marketers

Digital marketing has changed over the past decade, creating two types of marketers—those who count their social followings and those who make their marketing count. By addressing these top pain points for modern marketers, stakeholders can position themselves as experts, leading their teams to success with more modern approaches instead of obsessing over hashtags.

The Top 10 Pain Points for Modern Marketers

We can help you take your campaign to the next level, driving real business results as we address the following concerns. 

1. Strategy: I Need Smart Solutions

Growing your business is your top priority. Therefore, you need marketing strategies that solve problems and drive results. But, where do you start? Through extensive research, we uncover real insights related to your industry, your competitors, and your audience, allowing us to create tailored recommendations based on modern solutions that work. 

Pain Points for Modern Marketers - Strategy

2. Creative: I Need Big Ideas

You need a campaign people are sure to remember—one that grabs attention by triggering emotions. Driven by strategic insights, we delve into brainstorms, delivering big concepts built to set your brand apart. From there, our team meticulously executes across a variety of modern marketing channels, bringing campaigns to life with witty copy, artistic eye candy, user-friendly design, and influential creator partnerships. 

Pain Points for Modern Marketers - Creative

3. Sales: I Need to Boost ROI

Understanding your best customers is important in creating a marketing strategy that boosts sales. Close the deal by reaching them on the platforms they frequent most with results-driven targeting and messaging strategies that resonate. Fortunately, we’ve got that down to a science. Whether driving traffic, generating leads, or retargeting site visitors, we develop hyper-targeted audiences—with lookalike audiences to boot—optimizing your campaign with proven tactics that nurture toward conversion. 

Pain Points for Modern Marketers - Sales

4. Social: I Need Results-Driven Content

They say content is king—but is it the right content? From engagement through advocacy, content creation is all about community building. You need a robust content strategy that resonates with new and current customers across multiple platforms. Armed with strategic insights, we develop an optimized plan that ensures you’re posting the right content to the right platforms for the right people again and again. 

Pain Points for Modern Marketers - Social

5. Email: I Need to Nurture Leads

According to Litmus, the ROI from email marketing equates to $36 for every $1 spent. So, whether you need to generate leads or nurture current ones, you need email sequences that convert. Fortunately, this is our specialty. Not only do we generate leads, we re-engage old leads, nurturing toward conversion. Email metrics slipping? We also optimize campaign deliverability based on 2024 mandates from Google and Yahoo, authenticating your messaging while keeping your brand out of spam folders. 

Pain Points for Modern Marketers - Email

6. Engagement: I Need to Build Communities

Traditional community management doesn’t cut it anymore. Your brand needs a more opportunistic approach that not only puts your brand in front of the right customers, it engages them 1-on-1 while improving sentiment, answering their questions, and solidifying your brand as an authority. We call it Conversation Cultivation, proactively generating buzz while nurturing the community. 

Pain Points for Modern Marketers - Engagement

7. Perception: I Need a Brand Lift Study

You’re running a killer marketing campaign, complete with well-placed ads, supporting content, lead nurturing, and more. However, you need more transparency around results and analytics, so you can determine how your audience really feels about it. With a Brand Lift Study, like the one we did for The Honest Company, you can gain more visibility into sentiment and perception to see if your campaign performed as well as you’d hoped. 

Pain Points for Modern Marketers - Perception

8. Influence: I Need to Vet and Brief Creators

Running a successful creator campaign isn’t just about finding those with the greatest followings. It’s about finding ones who are connected to your brand, believe in your product, and are able to share authentic stories that relate to your audience. Whether vetting influencers, or even recruiting brand ambassadors, we can walk you through the constantly changing world of creators, vet them, recommend the best ones for your brand, and set them up for success. 

Pain Points for Modern Marketers - Influence

9. OTT: I Need Hyper-Targeted Awareness

From OTT and CTV to audio and beyond, streaming advertising offers endless potential to brands in search of not only brand awareness but also funnel-shortening shoppable commerce. We can help you bring your brand to life, developing ads like this wildfire spot we created for AprilAire, with much more sophisticated targeting parameters than ever before. 

Pain Points for Modern Marketers - OTT

10. Tok: I Need a TikTok Campaign

TikTok—and Instagram Reels, as a result—have taken the Internet by storm, requiring a modern approach to content creation that connects with younger audiences and older audiences alike. Plus, it’s been confirmed, TikTok users officially use the platform for search more than Google. With algorithms specifically serving up content “For You” across various vertical video platforms, we can build vertical video content strategies that tests different tactics and creators while generates content that people actually seek out. 

Pain Points for Modern Marketers - TikTok

Which Marketing Pain Points Resonate Most with You? 

Here at AGAIN, we’re against coasting or adhering to the status quo. We don’t check boxes…we cash checks, building complete campaigns for modern marketers by addressing specific pain points. 

Whether we build you a complete campaign or fill in the missing pieces of your existing campaign, we’re committed to helping you succeed. Stop checking boxes, and start cashing checks with AGAIN Interactive. Contact us at grow@againinteractive.com today to get started. 

Anthony Galasso

Part of AGAIN Interactive's spirited creative team since 2014, Anthony Galasso is passionate about all aspects of digital marketing from strategy through execution and beyond. In his spare time, Anthony also loves to travel, try new foods, plays drums, and hike with his beagle, Hailey.

Caitlyn Huguenel

A member of the talented AGAIN creative team—has been an avid writer her entire life. When she's not creating killer content, Caitlyn can often be found with a book and coffee in hand or perusing her local plant nursery for the perfect indoor houseplant.

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